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Company Overview

JiaXun International Trading Co., Ltd. is a respected and diversified enterprise headquartered in the picturesque landscapes of Sichuan, China. We take pride in flying the banner of the MOIOheey adult products brand while concurrently engaging in extensive and remarkable endeavors in the fields of maternity, baby care, and home essentials.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to meet diverse customer needs through excellence, innovation, and unparalleled service, establishing ourselves as trusted partners across industries. Our vision is to solidify a strong global presence by delivering outstanding business performance and fulfilling our social responsibility, creating value for our customers and society.

Company Values

  • The Allure of Innovation: Innovation drives our growth. We encourage our employees to showcase creativity, challenge conventions, and continually explore new solutions to meet our customers’ demands.
  • Pinnacle of Quality: We relentlessly pursue the highest standards of quality. Rigorous quality control and precise testing processes ensure that every product we offer meets the most exacting standards.
  • Integrity Above All: Integrity forms the bedrock of our corporate culture. We uphold the highest ethical and business standards, building trust-based relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.
  • Social Responsibility: We recognize the importance of social responsibility. In addition to delivering top-quality products, we actively engage in community activities, supporting sexual health education, gender equality, and sexual health rights.

Global Impact

Though based in the heart of Sichuan, China, JiaXun International Trading Co., Ltd.’s influence transcends borders, extending its reach to over 80 countries, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Our international market position is a testament to the quality of our products and the trust our customers place in us.

Contact Information

If you have any inquiries about JiaXun International Trading Co., Ltd. or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our professional customer service team.

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