6 Sex Positions You Probably Can’t Handle, But It’s Worth a Try

 Whether you’re in a new relationship and want adventurous sex from the jump or in a longstanding relationship with a desire to spice things up, knowing some sex positions you’ve always wanted to try is always an asset.

 Here are six sex positions that aren’t for the faint of heart. As in, they’ll challenge you physically, get your heart rate pumping and push your flexibility to its limits.

 Even if some are too much to handle, though, they’re perfect to try during a long weekend or a wild night in the sheets. What’s the worst that could happen? You fail and fall down laughing?

 1. Stand and deliver

Illustration by Jaelen Brock

 The first position is easy to get into but hard to maintain.

 ”Both of you start by standing up. One partner bends over and reaches toward their shins or toes while their partner enters from behind,” said Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., a clinical psychotherapist who specializes in relationships and sexual health, and the founder of Holistic Wisdom, a sexual wellness company based in Bend, Oregon.

 This is a perfect pose to try in the kitchen, living room or shower (if you’re brave).

 ”When it comes to [stand-up sex], finding balance is vital,” she advised. “This position offers enhanced balance and can provide deeper stimulation, particularly for those with a smaller penis. By closing your legs, penetration can feel fuller.”

 2. The tangle

Illustration by Jaelen Brock

 If you enjoy giving and receiving oral sex in a 69 position, you’ll enjoy how your bodies are angled in this penetrative position.

 ”Start with the male partner lying on his back and arching it like he is moving into a bridge pose, yoga style,” explained Vivian Green, a sexologist and editor at Sexsi Toys in Los Angeles. “The female partner positions herself above him facing his feet, fully leaning forward with her forehead touching the floor. Think of it like a 69, only you both slide away from each other further for penetration.”

 You can try different variations of this position, too. For example, the male partner can prop himself up on his elbows or hands for more support.

 ”She can use her hands to balance and support herself [on the bed] while wrapping her thighs around her lover’s and placing her feet on his shoulder blades,” Green continued.

 The idea is the woman on top thrusts back and forth while staying balanced. This pose will definitely get some laughs out of you and your partner, and the male partner should get a great view.

 ”Keep in mind, it’s not a position for long sex but perfect for a quick and passionate romp,” Green added.

 3. The spinning top

Illustration by Jaelen Brock

 For the next position, Suzannah Weiss, a certified sex educator in Los Angeles and resident sexologist for the pleasure product brand Biird, borrowed a move from the Kama Sutra known as “paravrittaka.” (Editor’s note: Weiss has written for Giddy.)

 ”One partner sits up and the other straddles them and spins back and forth 180 degrees,” she explained. “While this one isn’t too difficult to maneuver, it can definitely get tiring. The sensation it produces, however, will be different from other sex positions. Instead of just an in-and-out or back-and-forth motion, you will get to experience rotation.”

 You can try the spinning top position facing your partner or sitting with your back to them. If spinning back and forth gets too exhausting, you can mix in thrusting and grinding to give yourself a break.

 4. The Superman

Illustration by Jaelen Brock

 As the name implies, this position makes the partner being penetrated look like Superman.

 ”The penetrator stands and holds their partner. The partner is face down, with their legs wrapped around their partner from behind and their torso suspended in the air. Their hands should be braced on the thighs of the penetrator,” explained Carmel Jones, a sex expert in Philadelphia who writes about relationships, sex, and dating at the Big Fling.

 ”This is physically tough on both partners,” she noted. “The person standing has to have the strength to support his partner as he is essentially carrying them. This takes a great deal of leg and arm strength. The one in the Superman position needs the core strength to support themselves without falling as well. Creating a pleasurable motion from this angle is also a challenge.”

 This position is like a cross between acro-yoga and sex. It would probably be fun to try even without penetration.

 5. The brute

Illustration by Jaelen Brock

 This position sounds like something out of “Game of Thrones.” The person being penetrated is in a vulnerable position, while the penetrator fully controls the depth and speed of penetration.

 Dainis Graveris, sex educator and relationship expert at SexualAlpha, a sex toy reviewer based in Latvia, explained how it works for heterosexual couples:

 ”The woman lies on her back, then brings both her knees close to her chest and stomach,” he said. “In the opposite direction, the man kneels. His head must be facing away from where the woman is. As he goes down, his legs will straddle her hips. Then the man gently squats in and out to penetrate her.”

 Be careful, go slow and encourage open communication with the partner being penetrated to avoid injuries.

 6. The arch

Illustration by Jaelen Brock

 The final position on this list is perfect for dildo owners or anyone with a penis who used to do gymnastics or has an advanced yoga practice.

 ”The penetrator gets into a backbend and the partner sits on top of them,” Jones said. “It takes a fair amount of balance from the person who is on top. It’s also difficult to get the motion right from that angle.”

 Having an erection and maintaining a backbend while having sex makes this one of the most challenging positions on the list. But it’s safe to say you’ll have fun trying (and likely falling).

 Take a chance. Even if you and your partner try and fail to get into and enjoy some of these positions, it’ll be a bonding experience. Pushing the limits of your endurance, flexibility and balance is a great way to get to know your partner more intimately.

 Remember: If you feel dizzy or in pain when trying any of these positions, take a timeout. Only you know your limits, and it’s up to you to communicate when you’ve hit them.

​ And, yes, it’s all about having fun. Enjoy!